Sripuram Golden Temple (Vellore)

Tamil Nadu is an ancient land of culture and tradition and is a land of temples. With the perfect blend of the best architectural forms and the best constructional elegance, this is a lovely land of absolutely fascinating travel pleasures.

Vellore in Tamil Nadu is a lovely place with the most pristine ambience. This is a lovely land filled with the ideal travel delights and is a great place to visit in this part of Tamil Nadu. Come here and enjoy the pleasures of being in the land of the Golden Temple here that is a great tourist attractions.

Golden Temple at Vellore


This is where one finds the lovely and majestic Golden Temple which is also called Sripuram. The Golden temple was constructed in a span of around seven years. It was in the year 2007 that the temple was inaugurated. The consecration ceremony had many devotees coming and attending. The number of devotees here has also crossed the one lakh mark many times. The temple has been responsible for changing the structure of the village of Thirumalaikodi and also the town of Vellore.

The main reason the temple was constructed was to imbibe in the people a message of truth and righteousness and to help the people realize their true worth and convert them into people with a lot of positive power. With the best expanse of large green stretches this is a 100 acre land in the middle of the state of Tamil Nadu. There is a lovely and mesmerizing star path here which absorbs all the energy from nature and it exudes a kind of peace that it irresistible and it gives a feeling of being in a land of heavenly pleasures.

The star path here has 12 vertices which are supposed to create a kind of divine energy which is very similar to the sacred Srichakra.

The messages of righteousness and truth are written on both sides of the pathway and these messages encourage all the devotees to read them and instills in them a sense of responsibility and a great sense of righteous behaviour. All the messages are filled with great value based principles and it is indeed a memorable experience to be in this lovely land of beautiful surroundings. The messages also speak about human birth and human life in general. It also teaches us what we should do and what we should not do. It shows us a lot of devotion towards life and towards God and many such messages.

I had been there in Vellore some years back and still remember the beautiful experiences I had while I was there. While I walked through the star path and read the messages, I was filled with a kind of rejuvenation which is still etched in my mind. There is a certain methodical tranquillity here that is unbeatable. As I walked around this lovely ambience I was filled with a kind of true purpose and the actual nature of the world.

There is something very true about the landscape of Sripuram or the Golden Temple and it certainly creates and manages a lot of organic manure. One feels very close to nature and to oneself and is a great place to be in, in this part of the world. The fact that there is water from all the rivers in India that has been brought here to create the Sarvatheertham or the Ecopond. This is a lovely example of absolute ecosystem with the best varieties of insects, birds and the loveliest combinations of various species.

Inside Golden Temple at Vellore


The whole temple of Sripuram has been designed by Amma who is a revered person here. She apparently conceived it and she was instrumental in bringing about this construction. The temple is completely covered in gold and it has around nine to fifteen manually prepared layers of foils of gold. With beautifully decorated pillars and lovely man made sculptures it has a beautiful roof too.


The devotees have been provided with all kinds of facilities and they come here to the Peedam to get the blessings of Amma and they also participate in the activities. There is a dormitory, restaurant, cloakroom, restrooms, drinking water facilities, seating arrangements, wheelchairs help desk and a vast parking area.


The devotees are supposed to wear the right kind of dress to the temple and it is advisable not to wear casuals in this temple. Tobacco, cameras, chewing gums, electronic items and mobile phones are not allowed.

This temple is a spiritual zone at the foot of the Malaikodi region in the city of Vellore in the state of Tamil Nadu. The Lakshmi Narayani temple with the magnificent tower or the Vimanam and the lovely pavilion or the Ardha Mandapam is laid with gold on the exterior and interior. There are around 20 hectares and this was constructed by them Sri Narayani Peedam of Vellore. This covers an area of around 55,000 square metres and has many sculptures in gold. The lighting is such that the temple shines and glimmers in the night too. The Sripuram is the largest golden structure here. The Sataria which is a wreath at the feet of the Lord has gold weighing around 1 kg. The temple is like a star in the outside of the temple. The Golden temple Praharam is like the Indian Parliament.

The Sripuram or the Golden Temple at Vellore is a lovely place to visit in Tamil Nadu.

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